Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Expert for Your Roofing Business

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Did you know 70% of small businesses plan to invest more in digital marketing this year?

To run a successful roofing business, you need an effective marketing campaign. This involves developing strategies for social media, blog content, email marketing, and SEO.

However, nearly 50% of small business owners are unsure how to determine if their marketing campaigns work. Many use poor marketing techniques and vanity metrics to gauge their success. Without a sense of direction, all the time and money they spend on internet marketing goes to waste.

Read on to find out how a roofer can benefit from the help of a digital marketing expert!

Improve Your Local SEO

Nowadays, over 80% of customers read online reviews before buying a product or service.

Someone searching for a roofing company may check everything from Yelp to Trust Dale roofer reviews. But if you type “roofers” into Google, you’ll see a list of the top 3-4 local roofing businesses below the paid ads. These spots are critical because many users don’t even bother looking past them.

A digital marketing expert can help you set up your Google My Business listing. By doing so, you increase your chances of sneaking into the top 3-4 spots on Google Maps.

Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

When people have questions related to roofs, they consult search engines. This usually leads them to blog posts that outline solutions.

A digital marketing specialist has a firm grasp on what consumers in your niche are looking for. They can help you craft useful content that reaches your target audience. As a result, you build authority and attract more web traffic.

However, you also need to make sure people can find your blog content. Thankfully, professional marketers know how to conduct keyword research, too.

Increase Your Email Conversion Rate

Over 9 out of 10 consumers check their email on their smartphone at least once per day.

While email marketing is effective, it’s easy to lose subscribers. However, online marketing specialists help you design and write better emails. You can learn how to run A/B tests to determine which subject lines or call-to-action buttons get more clicks.

An expert can also help you optimize your email marketing campaigns for mobile. For example, they may increase the visibility of your links or show you how to make your emails easier to skim.

Get the Most Out of Social Media

Building a strong social media presence is challenging in any industry. A digital marketing expert can help you develop a social media strategy from the ground up.

For starters, professional marketers know which social media platforms offer the highest ROI. This can prevent you from investing time in the wrong platforms.

Marketing specialists also know the best time to post on each platform. For example, 1 PM-3 PM on Thursdays and Fridays offers the widest reach on Facebook.

Finding the Right Digital Marketing Expert

Before hiring a digital marketing expert, consider what aspects of your marketing strategy need the most work. When narrowing down a shortlist, prioritize experts who specialize in those areas.

Start by looking at reviews and detailed online testimonials. If they have a Better Business Bureau profile, check that too. Also, see if you can find any recommendations on LinkedIn.

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