What is home automation, its features and benefits?

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by Xiao Meng

In these modern times, a lot of people are considering the idea of investing in home automation. We are living in a time unlike any other. And with the fast paced lifestyle most of us are living, this type of technological advancement helps in making life a little bit easier for us.

Smart home is a trend most home owners would like to know more about. It’s an interesting system that enables homeowners to control appliances and other electrical equipment or device at home, on the go. Unlike before that home automation is only ideal to luxury homes, it can now be useful too to others even for apartments and condos. This is because it is now affordable and more convenient to use. One just needs a computer device or laptop or mobile device like tablet or smartphone and needs to be connected to the internet, via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to control home security systems and appliances like alarm systems, CCTVs, garage doors, motorised blinds and curtains, thermostats, to name a few.

Smart home or home automation is simply to be able to access and control devices in your home from a mobile device. It can program or schedule events for all the connected devices on the network. The automation includes time related commands such as setting specific time or schedule on when to turn on and off a system or appliance. A home automation can also include a command in times of a security risk such as turning off the power system when security alarms are activated.


A smart home automation system is basically consists of sensors, switches and controllers. Sensors can notice changes in daylight and temperature as well as motion. Switches controls functions of a home automation system. While controllers are the devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones thatcontrols the automated features in a smart home.

In order for a home to be smart and fully automated, you need to connect it to different sub-systems you wish to track and control. The most common is lighting. This helps in energy efficiency when controlled properly. Security is also one of the most integrated devices especially in bigger homes. In events of security alerts, the smart home can alert homeowners even the authorities immediately. This prevent burglars from entering the premises of your home. Homeowners can also integrate HVAC, motorised blinds and curtains, pool and spa, garage, and entertainment devices with their home automation system.

Companies who offer home automation systems have different packages, each will suit the needs of a home and family. Homeowners need to be completely informed of the different features and settings before getting a home automation plan or package. Homeowners need to assess how big the house is, its location, how big their families are etc. to get the best package that suits them. All the packages are apparently, for home safety and for some for energy efficiency.


Home automation is very beneficial to homes. Aside from it gives comfort, convenience and peace of mind to homeowners, it enhances the ambience of the home and gives a real home sweet home feels. Going green which results to cost effectiveness is also one of the goals why homeowners decide to get their home automated. The Smart homes improve the lifestyle of homeowners without spending too much. Yes, this would require a significant investment but is sure to give long term rewards for the whole family.

This also makes each member of the family go home early to enjoy the benefits of a smart home like accessing the TV, music, internetPsychology Articles, etc. immediately. A smart home can actually make a family closer to each other.

Think of the potential savings that go with investing for a home automation system. This investment can also increase the value of your home if you think to resell or have it leased in the future. There’s nothing a smart home can’t do and won’t make a homeowner dissatisfied and regretful.

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