Why to have a Licensed Electrician at your Beck and Call?

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by Christine Delongte

Hire a licensed electrician to undertake electrical maintenance and repair. It is best to have an expert at your beck and call so that he can take care of all electrical work efficiently and ensure the well-being of your family.

The ESA Electrical Safety Report 2015 mentions that in the past 15 years, Ontario has reported 250 electrical fatalities. It goes on to show that electrical fires are a threat to your life and property. You have spent a fortune on building a home and you certainly, do not want it to be gutted by fire. So, preventing an electrical fire should be a priority for every homeowner. And, how do you it? Simply by undertaking regular electrical maintenance and repair work.

Now, an ardent DIYer will tell you several benefits of doing the electrical work on your own. It may be cost-saving and offer you great flexibility. But, it is best to hire a licensed electrician for electrical maintenance and upkeep of your home. Keeping your home shock-proof will be easy if you have a licensed electrician at your beck and call.

Why a Licensed Electrician is a Necessity for every Home?

  • Electrical Work demands Expertise

Painting a room is a simple task that requires little expertise. You simply have to choose a color of your choice and begin using the paint brushes and rollers. But, electrical work demands expertise. If you connect the wires improperly or unknowingly choose a sub-standard quality material, it can damage the integrity of your home. When it comes to electric service upgrade or knob and tube wiring replacement, you must consult a licensed electrician who has experience of undertaking electrical work.

  • Inspections and Permits can be demanding

If you build patio furniture to spruce up the exterior of your home, you do not get it inspected from the local authorities. But, electrical work is different. If you rewire the aluminum wiring system or change the electric panel, you will have to obtain permits. Also, you will find inspectors visiting your property to inspect the work. Code compliance becomes an important aspect while making changes to the electrical system of your home. If you disregard the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and Canadian Electrical Code, you will have to pay penalty. So, hire an electrician who can help you navigate through the entire process easily.

  • Electrical Work can be Hazardous

According to the Electrical Safety Authority, over 70% of all electrical-related injuries and deaths in Ontario fall under four specific categories:

  1. Power-line contact
  2. Electrical trade-workers
  3. Misuse of electrical products and unapproved/counterfeit products
  4. Electrical infrastructure fires

Even though, there has been a 43% decrease in electrical fatalities from 2001-2006 to 2011-2016, it is still a considerable number. When it is about electrical fatalities, every incident is of importance. You must understand the danger that you face while working with live wires. You may feel like you have things under control but a single error can cause short circuits and fire.

Hiring a licensed electrical contractor may seem like a big expense to you. But, its pros outweigh the cons. So, next time you want to do electrical work in your home, think of your safety and the well-being of your family members and hire an expert. Keeping a licensed electrician at your beck and call is the safest way to enlighten your living space.

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